Safe in Blue


Safe in Blue is the music of going home. Like Coldplay and Death Cab, Safe in Blue strives for lyrical heartfelt poetry and strong melodies. A few years ago, South African musician Vian (like 'neon' with a 'V') went backpacking through Europe and Africa. His brother, a large green backpack, and a small travel guitar were all that accompanied him. As he sat on the cliffs of the Mediterranean drinking wine and watching the moon glide over the water, he wrote of home, of love, and of all the bittersweet things. Africa brought about early morning coffee in remote savannah bungalows. With the coffee came the rain and more songs about the rain, history, and memories.   As soon as Vian returned he shared his music with Canadian multi-instrumentalist Phillip Englehart. The two clicked as Phillip helped Vian finish the writing process. After narrowing all the songs down to the ten favorites, the boys invested in a studio on the historic Music Row in Nashville TN. From November 2012 they disappeared into their new creative space to self-record and produce the album. Inviting Grammy winning friends and veteran session musicians on board, Safe in Blue watched the songs come to life.   Safe in Blue released Song I Believe In, their first single, with a music video depicting the duo being showered with colored powder on September 3, 2013. Three days after its release Coldplay featured the video on the Hypnofeed: A part of their website dedicated to things they think are cool. The Hypnofeed kept Song I Believe In up for three days. Safe in Blue rode the momentum of this honor by booking live shows in Nashville. The album was released and a few weeks later Marble Floors, the second song on the album, was licensed to Restoration Hardware stores nationwide.   After some local and national exposure, the duo asked two good friends to flush out a live set for future gigs. They took the music from the album to a whole new level with their musicality. Paul Fenner, the drummer, first learned the drum parts exactly as they were played on the album. Phillip and Vian neglected to tell him that some of the tunes had more than one drum take making some of the beats quite impossible to play as a single drummer. Somehow Paul figured out a way to do it. He has since improved and put more power behind the beats. Chris Bates assisted as bassist. He likewise has made the rhythm section come to life by adding little melodic flourishes and powerful starts and stops. He seems to recognize the importance of both playing and not playing to build suspense.   Known for their anthemic music and emotionally captivating shows, Safe in Blue continues to dream and write of adventure.